Ural Motorcycles – Utility, Maintenance and Costs

Ural bike

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The first Ural motorcycles were developed for the Red Army shortly before the Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union. After the end of World War II, they became available for non-military uses. The Soviet civilians used them as a workhorse because many areas in Russia were accessible only by Ural sidecar motorcycles. They are still used for cargo in some parts of Russia, however, the new models are primarily used for pleasure in both Russia and overseas. The new Urals are becoming increasingly popular among middle-aged bikers who are seeking for utility rather than speed and thrill, and a higher level of comfort for the passenger. However, Ural motorcycles are not popular only among older couples who no longer feel comfortable riding a two-wheeled bike together. Young bikers are attracted by the unique look of the Urals evoking the World War II sidecar motorcycles, while the travelers love these bikes due to their big storage space.

Since Urals were originally intended for military use, they are made to work. The Urals that are seen on the roads today are of course very different from the first Ural sidecar motorcycles that were used by the Red Army, however, they are “military“ reliable and do not require any special maintenance. It is necessary to regularly change the oil and keep an eye on the tires, brakes, etc. just like in every other motorcycle. Ural sidecar motorcycle should be also regularly checked by a good mechanic and this would be about it. Further information about Ural motorcycle maintenance are provided by the dealers who can also recommend you a good mechanic. All Ural motorcycle come with a 2 year warranty, however, most owners do not need to use the warranty at all which means that these bikes will not let you down on the road if you take care of the basic maintenance.

Ural motorcycles are renowned for their outstanding design and exceptional functionality, however, they are also known to have a great price for what they offer. The least expensive sidecar model –the Ural T will cost you $10,000 although it is also true that the price that is found on the official website does not include the taxes, title and licensing, registration, destination charges and dealer setup. In addition, the costs of Ural motorcycles vary from one dealer to another. The price of Ural motorcycle, of course, also depends on the model you choose but it should not cost you much more than $20,000 even if you choose the most expensive model. Considering that Ural motorcycles are among the best sidecar motorcycles in the world, they are not expensive at all. Nevertheless, it is worth to contact several Ural motorcycle dealers to get the best price.

Ural Motorcycles

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